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Contact Information
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Minneapolis, MN 55407
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Fax: 612-871-2161
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Welcome to Comfort Services LLC

Comfort Services LLC is one of the foremost things that we, as humans, seek in this life. It is for this reason that so many modern conveniences are invented day after day to make our everyday lives easier, or bearable.

For those afflicted with physical limitations brought upon either by age, injury, disability or illness, comfort becomes even more of a need. More often than not, they will find it difficult to do the simple day to day tasks that most of us who are well often complain about, like doing chores for example, or running errands. To some unfortunate individuals, such tasks can actually be impossible without the aid of others, and that is what we at Comfort Services LLC are here for.

At Comfort Services LLC, we have made it our mission to promote the health of communities and families by providing personalized home healthcare as well as supportive services specifically designed to improve the quality of life of our clients. We are here to be their comforting hands and feet, their medium towards freedom and better health, their caregivers and their companions. We are here to provide quality home care for our clients, even extending our services to the care of their homes.

Comfort Services LLC provides the following for our clients:

  • Planning as well as cooking of delicious home-cooked meals which are not only enjoyable, but also healthy
  • Training for the patients' families, that way they too can learn how to take care and assist their loved ones if needed
  • Your choice of either long-term or short-term home care
  • Assistance with household chores such as cleaning and laundry
  • Supervision of our employees by knowledgeable and experienced Registered Nurses (RNs) to ensure that only the best and appropriate care is given
  • Assistance with personal care which our clients may find difficulty in such as bathing, grooming, dressing, etc.
  • Caregivers who can remind you of your medications to ensure the maintenance or improvement of your health

From caregivers, home health aides (HHA), to Registered Nurses (RNs), you can expect nothing but the best of comfort in home care. Get yourself better acquainted with Comfort Services LLC today!

It is human instinct to care, so it is only natural that we at Comfort Services LLC chose this instinct as a foundation for our company.
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